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New solutions to ensure the safety in the public corporations and buildings in answer to the emergency state context in France

14 April 2017 2096 Views

CAE GROUPE develops solutions to fulfill the reinforcement of safety process which is applied in the public building and places.

Further to the recent attacks, and permanence of the threat, the French government declared the state emergency on the territory and maintains the Vigipirate plan at this time on the level “alerts attack”. Today each establishment must obtain specific means of alarms (alert sonorization different of the fire alarm, ringing of end of course modified or codified, message by loudspeakers).

To fulfill these new decisions, CAE GROUPE proposes a broad range of solutions which make it possible to alert in a fast and effective way the people of a zone in danger.

EVAQ, intelligent safety and evacuation sonorization system which is certified EN54.

The EvaQ is recommended for the security of people in the buildings receiving public, in particular in the offices, airports, help centres, shopping center, hotels, schools, and academics. It makes it possible to alert and evacuate the people in the event of incident in a public place.