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We are all concerned by the safety of persons and property

14 April 2017 1706 Views

We are all concerned by the safety of persons and property.
In 2010, 8 million res were recorded:
they are estimated to have caused almost 800,000 injuries and 80,000 deaths, of which 30,000 in Europe. These macabre gures show that almost 75% of deaths are not caused by burns, but by asphyxia relative to inhaling toxic smoke and gases released by the res.

It was therefore necessary to analyse the risks in order to improve prevention, thereby improving everyday safety.

Since 1st July 2017, the European Union has applied the Construction Products Regulations n°305/2011, CPR, that de ne the criteria and essential requirements construction products must meet.

It also makes it possible to de ne a “common technical language” in order to harmonise the test and performance assessment methods in all European countries. Therefore, the objective of these regulations is to guarantee product performance and quality transparency and, as a result, the safety of persons and property.

Cables, which are found everywhere in a building, can have a major impact during a re. They are therefore subject to these regulations and must be assessed in order to meet CPR requirements starting from 1st July 2017.