The brand’s strengths
    Solutions that are easy to install and use

    AXCITY packs are easy to install and use and also have a full range of accessories, advice and technical support, and solutions to meet the needs of the RT 2012 standards and the new regulations imposed for buildings.

    A R&D integrated with CAE GROUPE
    To meet new requirements

    Through its R&D department, AXCITY can give its clients genuine added value, especially on its product quality and its service offer (design and quotation, on-site commissioning, hotline).

    Supporting our clients
    Specific resources and adapted logistics

    The AXCEB comfort sound system offer is intended for all public spaces: offices, stores, schools, railway stations and airports

  • A specific hotline open from Monday to Friday

  • Client proximity through our partner network

  • A logistics department that has an industrial logic plus customised on site commissioning

  • Specialised sales and technical teams attentive to your needs