• Audio wiring
  • Video wiring
  • DMX wiring
  • Ethernet wiring
  • Optical wiring
  • Power supply
  • Audiovisual pre-wiring
  • Accessories

Audio wiring

The range of the S2CEB offer for audio wiring is extremely vast because the brand designs and distributes cables, connectors and cords specific to microphones, audio jumpers, instruments, asymmetricals, and loud-speakers.

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Video wiring

The S2CEB video wiring offer groups together all the analogue or digital / HD cables, Neutrik, S2CEB or Lemo connectors as well as the analogue or digital / HD cords.

Creator of the famous “VCB 100®” video cable, S2CEB also proposes a line of HD video cables. Ultra efficient (3 Giga Hertz) the S2CEB HD video cables are available in a wide variety of versions to meet all installation configurations from video patching to long length cables.

The line provides excellent protection against parasites and electromagnetic interference (aluminium layer and tin-plated copper braid) and a “skin foam skin” insulation that uses air injected into the sheath for perfect protection.

All the cables are compact and are available in PVC and LSZH version to meet public building safety standards.

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DMX wiring

Currently, the DMX 512 is the most common and universal protocol, used everywhere and by all stage lighting equipment manufacturers.

The cable developed by S2CEB is recommended for DMX 512 data transmission and digital connections. It can be used on static or moving installations and provides long distance transmission. It has the specificity of resisting to interference thanks to its double shielding.

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Ethernet wiring

S2CEB proposes an “all-in-one” solution specially adapted to the services and publishing trades.

The AUDIOLAN24W cable is specific to audio and light applications. It includes two cables inside the same sheath: the Ethersound ‘Audiolan 24’ and a 3G2.5 power supply cable. The AUDIOLAN24W can be used for static and moving applications, both indoors and outdoors, and for all connection types.

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Optical wiring

S2CEB proposes an optical fibre solution that meets professional audiovisual constraints

The use of optical fibre in the audiovisual services sector imposes the choice of a cable that can withstand traction, crushing and looping.

The new “FOLIVE” optical fibre developed by S2CEB is the perfect answer to these mechanical constraints and provides perfect signal transmission with maximum security. Its flexibility means it can be used on a winder.

Used for many years by the telecommunications and IT network sectors, optical fibre is coming into its own in the audiovisual sector. It has undeniable advantages such as high transmission speeds, minimum data loss or its imperviousness to electromagnetic disturbances, fibre is especially suitable.

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Instrumentation / measurement cables

S2CEB has a diverse offer of power supply cables or cords.

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Audiovisual pre-wiring

S2CEB proposes a global offer to pre-wire all audio and video connections in a building: VGA, Audio, HDMI, DVI, SVHS, videocomposite, audio ……

The creation of a pre-wired audiovisual installation will require the use of equipment such as plastrons, cords, cables, connectors, adapters and fittings..

They are in a 45 x 45 format and are clipped onto conduits, surface-mounted or embedded boxes or posts. We have several types of connection available (welded connector, pass-thru type, pre-wired, or with a terminal block). These can by customised with a logo, colour or marking.

They are used to connect an appliance to a plastron or to connect plastrons together. S2CEB proposes a complete line of cords for VGA, HDMI, DVI, AUDIO connections or for power supplies.

S2CEB proposes video cables for VGA, video composite, SVHS, or audio connections

Finally, the pre-wiring offer also covers video and audio connectors and DVI, BNC, HDMI or RCA adapters and connections

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S2CEB proposes a complete line of accessories such as panels, racks, boxes, shelves, cradles, drawers and cable reels.

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