• Design department
  • Special cables
  • Pre-assembled racks and boxes
  • Assembled-wired
  • Copper and optical pre-connectorisation
  • Cords
  • Logisticse
  • Cable cutting on demand
  • Labelling and packaging
  • Customised delivery services
  • FIRST training
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Design department

CAE GROUPE has an experienced design department for the study and design of special cables.
The design department can also help you to draw up and estimate your special technical clause documents, support you in the creation of synopses, drawings, estimates, etc.
Our support service is available on a special number from Monday to Friday.

Special cables and studies

We work with you to develop the solution you need. We can propose special cables, pre-assembled cords or complete systems. We can adapt to your technical, practical and financial constraints, as well as to your specifications.

CAE GROUPE has a manufacturing centre composed of 12 cable production units. This centre has all the required flexibility to manufacture specific solutions, whether in small or medium series, or mass produced series.

All our solutions are compliant with standards, especially the UL, CSA, European and ISO 9001 standards.

Our factories have test laboratories for upstream checks on all our production.

A few examples of constraints we have met

  • Optimisation of the cable bend radius and external diameter
  • Resistance of the cable to traction, torsion and crushing
  • Flexibility and mechanical strength of audio and video cables for mobile applications
  • Development of specific marking
  • Development of specific cables for extreme environments (fire, chemical attack, EMC) )
  • Hybrid cable assembly
  • Bespoke services

  • Proprietary marking
  • To-measure length and packaging
  • Customisable cable colours
  • Pre-assembly or patching racks

    We propose bespoke services and a qualified workshop at your service to pre-assemble your racks or boxes.

    We give our clients the possibility of delivering them a turnkey system: from the patch panel wiring to the deployment of the distribution and the installation of terminal sockets in the building.

    Our bespoke services

  • Our bespoke services
  • Installation of 19’’ modules in the rack or box
  • "A la carte” assembly to your needs, especially the inclusion of cable pass-thru, patching, PDU or PABX panels; optical drawers, connectors, plastrons and cords
  • Creation and installation of labelling to your drawings / synopses
  • Pre-design on the CAE GROUPE logistics site simplifies project management (< 2H) as opposed to a site reception on several floors.
  • Rack and associated hardware packing material management by us. .
  • Project controlled in a specific, protected and adapted workshop to optimise production lead times.
  • Assembled-wired

    We offer our clients the guarantee of having ready-to-use equipment available using our assembled-wired offer, especially for the 100V comfort sound system offer.

    The offer consists in fitting a rack or a box, connecting its active elements, setting its parameters and testing it before delivering it to your site.

    It can be directly connected to your speakers.

    The advantages of a turnkey solution

  • Time savings on your installation. All you have to do is to connect your rack or box to the installation
  • The guarantee of having tested, ready-to-use equipment suitable for your installations and your expectations
  • A regional CAE GROUPE technical advisor answers your questions and helps you with your installation settings if required.
  • Copper and optical pre-connectorisation

    Currently, the time spent laying structured cabling is increasingly subject to constraints during new build second fix phases. Furthermore, on refurbishment sites, some businesses cannot suffer any stoppages of their information system network, even if only partial. Pre-connectorised links make it possible to reduce deployment times and to work directly on active sites without impacting user service quality.

    Fibre, copper, long lengths, the CAE GROUPE pre-connectorisation department currently caters to all these issues with a constant and consistent level of quality.

    CAE GROUPE prepares and cuts your cables to your sizes and then marks them to make installation on your site on D-Day easier.


    CAE GROUPE has a wiring workshop to produce audio, video and RJ45 cords, optical fibre, stage boxes or fitted patches.

    The cords can be manufactured to client specifications (end user or manufacturer) and are tested and packed to requirements.

    The cords can be manufactured to client specifications (end user or manufacturer) and are tested and packed to requirements.

    We have a flexible logistics department that is adapted to our clients’ needs.

    The commitment we strive to maintain for our client base is attentiveness to our clients, meeting their needs and providing effective and fast delivery.

    CAE GROUPE has a fully automated 30,000 m² logistics platform in Villabé in the Essonne region of France. The site is managed by a WMS and has many automation machines in line with an industrial approach to manage significant flows.

    A Proprietary storage area for our clients

    In the framework of programmed purchase orders, CAE GROUPE gives its clients the possibility of creating dedicated storage areas on the CAE GROUPE logistics site in Paris and in the regions.

    The advantages are:

  • Space saving for the client
  • Limited stock management and depreciation
  • Deliveries scheduled to client needs
  • Cable cutting on demand

    CAE GROUPE has several cutting machines and cater to over 400 cutting requests per day. We also propose delivery to the client’s site according to a programmed schedule.

    Specific labelling and packaging

    For clients that have specific labelling and packaging constraints, CAE GROUPE adapts by proposing labelled and ready-to-use products for sale, especially the application of bar codes and customised packaging..

    Our customised delivery services

    A specific delivery address, a security protocol, with or without an appointment?

    We make deliveries in compliance with our clients’ expectations, even if the site has special security, opening time and access issues. We have the resources to make your delivery seamlessly.

    Benefits for the client

  • Custom delivery date, time and place
  • No extra handling by the client
  • The goods are delivered to a predefined location suitable to your requirements
  • FIRST training

    CAE GROUPE gives client training throughout the year covering structured VDI copper and optical wiring through its FIRST certification organisation (declared under n° 11910430291).
    The courses cover the design, installation and reception of category 6, 6A, 7 and optical fibre networks.

    Find out more about the training

    Training course duration: 1 day

    Locations: Paris / Nantes / Toulouse / Lyon / Marseilles / Lille or client site

    Training advantages:

  • A talk by a copper and optical fibre installation specialist during the training course. This professional is attentive to you and passes on their technical knowledge.
  • Adapted teaching materials and news items will allow you to acquire and perfect your VDI and optical fibre knowledge.

  • Don’t hesitate to get in touch for further information.

    Technical hotline

    Phone: 0810 180 008
    Open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 18:00

    CAE GROUPE has set up a hotline to answer all technical questions about the solutions, the offer or the services.
    Our support service is available on a special number from Monday to Friday.