Audio Video Broadcast


Cables and connectivity for industrial environments

Cables and connectors for industry for use in power supply applications, control/command, fieldbuses (ASI, PROFIBUS, Ethernet, etc.), etc.

Cable design

Cables specially designed and developed for industrial projects and adapted to your own technical, practical and financial constraints.


Cables and connector technology for building safety

used for fire safety, private and public telephone systems and anti-intrusion systems

Structured cabling, 19” racks and boxes

use to integrate IP/VDI applications into the office, industry and telecommunications sectors

Comfort sound systems and audio, video and broadcast cables and connector technology

100 volt line sound systems for all public areas

Security sound systems and specific safety measure plan solutions

EN54 voice alarm solution used to warn of incidents occurring in public areas


Remote distribution solution

Remote distribution solutions; the computer and phone network, DTT reception and audiovisual peripherals, accessories and support services.

Communications panels

These are smart solutions built into ready-to-use packs for residential and small office use.



Cables, cords and optical links for audiovisual applications


Cables, cords and optical links for audio applications

Video Broadcast

Cables, cords and optical links, stage boxes and connectors used for video-broadcast applications